Egons carries out its own checks as part of its policies. It is a crucial part of our safety DNA. In parallel with this, Egons is monitored by an external firm.


Egons has an agreement withTungVognsSpecialisten (the HeavyVehicleSpecialist), which is a consulting and tuition organisation for the road transport industry. 

The agreement includes regular driving and rest period checks with appurtenant analysis reports. 

Through this, we also have the necessary self-monitoring/quality control checks carried out which are necessary to ensure that our employees are complying with the company's policies and the regulatory authority requirements. 

We now carry out "here and now" checks on our buses and coaches. 

This control can vary from one occasion to another. This can, for example, involve a check on whether the driver and, if relevant, the passengers, are using the safety belts, mobile phone use, the presence of the all relevant documents and a check to ensure that speedographs and tachographs are being used.

Egen kontrol, egons busser