Environmental and climate policy

Egons has the highest environmental certification in the bus and coach industry. This means that we work tirelessly to protect the environment around us through the training of our drivers and purchasing the most up-to-date buses and coaches for our fleet.

Environmental and climate policy

Egons works constantly to reduce the emission of environmentally harmful substances from our buses and coaches.

It is our goal to contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions through

  • Energy efficient transport
  • Minimisation of idle running

Egons replaces its buses and coaches continually and participates actively in the development of new eco-friendly buses and coaches.

Since 2014, Egons has been ISO 14001 certified.

The international standard for environmental management, ISO 14001, was launched in 1996 and was revised in 2004. The standard is the dominant environmental management standard in the world. 

An environmental management system determined by ISO 14001 is based on the company, its processes and activities and allocates responsibility and competence as well as describes environmental duties on a day-to-day basis. 

In addition, Egons is OHSAS 18001 certified in relation to its working environment.

Environmental and climate policy
Miljø og klimapolitik