Vision, Mission etc.

Vision - Mission - Goals - Values

Vision, Mission etc.

Vision - our "guiding star"

Our aim is to be the most attractive provider of passenger transport and group travel in the market and be characterised by keeping our promises with regard to price, safety, quality and service - the customer must feel that they are getting great value for money.

Mission - we shall accomplish this by...

  • We shall operate a state-of-the-art coach/travel company that sells and delivers professional overall solutions to meet our customers' specific needs. 
  • We shall grow with the focus on improving capacity utilisation and greater efficiency which, all else being equal, shall result in increased turnover.
  • We shall be innovative/creative and our ideas and actions should pave the way for the ongoing improvement of our products and work processes.
  • We shall develop our working environment so that it is attractive and motivating to be employed in the company and, consequently, enable us to retain existing employees and attract new employees.
  • We shall be known for keeping our promises and complying with any regulatory requirements pertaining to the industry in terms of driving/rest period regulations, the Working Time Directive, collective agreements etc.
  • We shall develop and offer flexible services in partnership with our customers.
  • We shall regularly evaluate changes in the market and adapt the company's operations to these changes.
  • We shall be quick and resolute and independent of others.


By implementing our mission, our aim is to work purposefully on maintaining and increasing Egons market share and strengthen our market position in the field of tourist and passenger transport and related services and, in so doing, be a standard-setting player in the industry.


Egons firmly believes in, and will work tirelessly towards, pursuing its core values and philosophy, which we call EXTRA, it is all about giving our customers that little bit extra in the following areas:

  • Commitment – because we want to make a difference and give our customers more than they expect
  • Quality – because we want to do the job right, first time around 
  • Cooperation – because we want to work towards a common goal
  • Peace of mind – because we work safely at every level when it comes to our customers
  • Respect – because we respect every type of customer
  • Responsibility – because we comply with legislation, regulations and requirements