Management and Board of Directors

Egons management and Board of Directors is composed of a team of professionals. The Board members are all currently or have previously been active in the business world, which matches the requirements set out for operating a business like Egons.

Management and Board of Directors

The Board of Directors in Egons comprises three members: 

Brian Lund Mollerup, Chairman. Business Developer and Chairman of the Board of Directors in a long list of companies, including DermaPharm A/S, Legro A/S and CA BEST A/
Mogens Pedersen, CEO in Egons
Christian Boye, Sales Manager in Board member in Imerco A/S


The Executive Management in Egons comprises two members: 

Mogens Pedersen, CEO  +45 5855 1040
Teddy Krogh, Director of Finance    +45 5855 1044