Coach Company of the year 2017

Egons wins Danish Coach Award 2017 in the category of Coach Company of the year

Egons winner DANISH COACH AWARD - Coach Company of the year 2017

It was a proud CEO and owner of Egons, Mogens Pedersen who February 24, 2017 received the award for Coach Company of the year.

"It's a very big day for Egons, and all the many dedicated people we have in the company. We have, as an company, more than 30 years of experience, so it is with pride that I accept this honor on behalf of all employees" says Mogens Pedersen.

The price of the Year Coach Company divided in 2017 between Egons and Copenhagen Bus. Egons congratulates to our good colleague. Egons and our more than 170 employees are proud of this honor. The nomination stated, among other things from the jury at the "Danish Coachsociety".

Egons - nominated for their growth in both incoming and tourist transport, in order to focus on the environment by both the ISO 14001 and 18001 certifications to initiate their own internal training for local involvement in both Slagelse and Copenhagen, and their versatile and great marketing.

Egons got the great honor presented at the "Holiday For All" exhibition in Herning Friday, February 24, 2017 at an event during the fair.

The Danish Coachsociety behind the election and it is the fifth time that the awards are handed out. Egons is originally from Slagelse where the head office is also located today. But based on several other offices on Zealand, and including a large base in Copenhagen, with both sales staff and buses located, has seen a large growth in the Greater Copenhagen area recent years.

"All employees work hard to serve our customers and ensure that the guests we have on board, experiencing a good service and is run safely and securely in our coaches. Therefore, this is a huge accolade for all the talented people in the company," adds Mogens Pedersen, CEO and owner

Coach Company of the year 2017
Coach Company of the year 2017
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